Useful Links

This is the Internal Revenue Service’s website. It is useful if you need to find a form or publication or to obtain contact information.

Where’s my refund? This is the IRS’s link to finding out the status of your income tax refund.,,id=96596,00.html

This is another IRS website but it involves the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System. This is program that allows businesses and individuals to pay federal taxes on-line, by telephone, or by using a PC and modem. You can set up payments in advance and eliminate trips to the bank and/or post office. Enrollment is necessary and can be initiated by following the directions on their website.

This is the Texas State Comptroller’s website and is useful for obtaining forms and information relating to Texas’ sales and use taxes and franchise taxes.

This is the Texas Secretary of State’s website. This site is useful for finding information and forms relating to business entity filings.

This is QuickBooks’® website and is useful for obtaining information on QuickBooks® products, release dates, additional features, supplies and add-ons.

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