Tax Services for the Individual

Preparation Services: I provide professional preparation of all federal and out-of-state tax returns including all necessary schedules and forms. I am available year round for consultation if you have a question concerning your taxes. I offer free IRS electronic filing for fast turnarounds on your tax refund.

IRS Problem Resolution Assistance: As a CPA I am qualified to practice before the Internal Revenue Service. This means I can represent you to resolve any issues you may have with the IRS. I will work with you and the IRS to obtain the best possible resolution, from simple responses to IRS inquiries about your return to more complex issues involving Offers-In-Compromise, penalty abatement, tax levies and so on.

Late Filers and Non-Filers: The IRS has recently increased its identification and enforcement of compliance concerning late filers or non-filers of income tax returns. I am able to prepare and submit these returns in order to ensure that you stay compliant with IRS filing requirements.

Tax Planning: I offer tax planning services to help you minimize your tax liability. These services include such things as scenario planning to see what decisions result in the least taxes owed. Using your current and prior year tax return information, I can estimate your quarterly tax payments in order to assist you in ensuring that you pay the appropriate amount. Tax planning is also useful for timing certain transactions, such as the purchase of a home as well as other deductible expenses.

Tax Services for Business

Preparation Services: I offer complete federal tax preparation services for the sole-proprietor, partnerships, corporations (both C-Corporations and S-Corporations) as well as LLCs and PLLCs. I will prepare all necessary forms and schedules and electronically file your return to ensure accuracy as well as quick receipt of any refund to which you are entitled.

State Tax Preparation: I will also prepare your corporate franchise tax return in conjunction with your federal tax return. In addition, I am available to prepare and file state sales-and-use tax forms.

Payroll Taxes: If you self-prepare your own payroll I can help you in the completion of all required state and federal payroll tax submissions.

Tax Planning: I am available throughout the year to consult with you on complex tax-related decisions such as to lease or buy, employment issues, capital asset purchases, business entity elections, etc.

Tax-related Problem Resolution Assistance: I am available to help resolve tax-related problems before they get any larger. I will work with you and the federal or state taxing authorities to reach a mutually beneficial solution.

Fiduciary Returns: I offer return preparation for Estates & Trusts as well as Gift Tax Returns.

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