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QuickBooks® software is the popular accounting software package and is favored by most small-businesses. Its appeal is based, to some degree, on its pricing and availability. However, it can be a challenging program to install, set-up and use on a regular basis. Errors made during the initial set-up process could generate erroneous and misleading reports for the user until discovered and corrected.

QuickBooks® provides financial information to the business owner in order to help him or her make informed decisions. If the information is inaccurate and unreliable, then the business owner runs the risk of making inappropriate and potentially costly business decisions. It is my objective to make sure that does not happen.

Installation: I am qualified to assist you in choosing the QuickBooks® package best-suited to your business needs. In addition, I will help select software and hardware to run QuickBooks® optimally.

Setting Up Your Company on QuickBooks®: this is a critical process when you purchase any new accounting software. Such tasks as choosing the start date, having the correct ending and opening account balances, setting up the customer lists, vendor lists, sales tax and income items, bank account balances, to name a few, need to be entered accurately during the set up process. Failure to do this risks future issues with the reliability and accuracy of your QuickBooks® reports. I can assist you during this phase by providing the needed information and expertise so that you can begin using QuickBooks® confidently.

Problem Resolution: if you are past the setup stage but are having problems with QuickBooks® then I can help troubleshoot, identify and correct those problems before they become bigger headaches. I will come to your workplace to acquaint myself with your business and to evaluate your QuickBooks®' operations.

Training: I offer on-site training and guidance for you and your staff to help you learn how to use QuickBooks® optimally for your type of business. I call on my accounting background in order to explain how and why QuickBooks® performs operations in the manner it does to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle and to help you and your staff use QuickBooks® comfortably.

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